Lighting Buyer's Guide

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Bicycle Lights

Bicycle lights are designed to light the way ahead and alert approaching traffic to the presence of a bicycle rider. A bicycle light may be powered by batteries or by a small generator which is turned alongside a rotating bicycle wheel. Every state in the USA requires lights for cycling after dark. If you ride frequently at night, consider purchasing a premium rechargeable headlight. If you ride in the evening only occasionally, or ride where there are streetlights, a basic headlight which runs on regular batteries may suffice. In either case, clamp a battery-powered taillight or red reflector to the rear of your bicycle seatpost. Cyclists who often ride on unlit roads and off-road mountain bikers can purchase lights with a separate battery pack. These cost three to four times the price of regular lights, but have extensive battery life and extra wattage. An extra set of lights ensures that you will have a backup pair visible if one should burn out during your ride.

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